Thursday, September 17, 2009


Jack Attack and I went to see ACDC!!! check out the dungeons and dragon dudes behind us!!!

jack had a bit of a problem with the sound level
The Answer was their opening act...the lead singer looked a little like my brother in law.. it was trippy

mater bed room!

Time for the Master bed Room!!! the last one to be painted!!! yayayayayayaya!

Couldnt have done it without my helpers!
maddie moo
meggie poo
finishing touches still to come!

baby blessing / birthday dinner

brynner's Birthday party~

sweet LIttle Mermaid cake

its Brynn's Birthday!!!
it was also Colton's baby blessing!!! isn't he so  handsome in his little sweater vest!!! I got to rock him to sleep :) while his cousin Tara sang him a lullaby

TT's new room!!!

We are on a mission to finish painting once and for all!! TT's room is second to last!! then comes the master bed room then... finito!!

final pics are coming!! they are amazing! i wish i could switch her rooms!!!

Zambonie Blues

CenSource is the Central Source for Signage and Graphics!! It's also hard work !..... we always find a way to add a little fun though . Brandon likes to sword fight ahahaha

zambonie peelin! not so fun. dirty hands, broken fingernails and tedious peeling
but we got er done!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Linzerlou's Birthday!!!

Best birthday place ever!!! Huge bounce houses and TONS O' FUN!!!

Dude check our Evan's mouth its a straight line!! How did he do that??
Cutest cake!!! Rhonda's strawberry short cake Masterpiece!!
Loogie and Uncle Morgan race... Morgan cheats... but loogie still wins!
I think the grown ups had more fun than the kids
Linzerlou ... The Beautiful Birthday Girl!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

BENCH FINAL pics/quilting

I promised more pics of the bench so here they are!!!! it looks like gpa did all the work , but i had to take most of the pics:) i helped a little too :)

we did it! we made a drawer!!!!

load her up! and hit the load! thanks for comin mom!!!
/////////////////////////////Quilting With GMA//////////////////////////////

Thursday, August 20, 2009