Tuesday, June 22, 2010

tis me again

well ladies and gentlemans ou may have noticed how long it has been since i have blogged anything. it is just so hard to sit down and JUST DO IT! i am going to make a conscious effort to be better at it , but dont expect greatness its going to be fast easy and simple. im not going to capitlize or check my spelling or do any cutesy stuff so dont get too excited. i just feel like i was to document as much of my baby experience as possible so i can remember everything. plus i feel like it would be cool for my kids to look back and see the things that happen while they are in moms belly... ooo maybe one day i could write them a story about themselves but make them into princes and princesses and dragon slayers and stuff. i have always thought about how cool it would be to make my kids the lead characters in a childrens book. that would be pretty sweet. but then again i have a lot of cool ideas that just stay ideas cause there just snt enough time in the days .

well here is a little over view in no particular order of the events that have happends since the last blog. lets see.... i graduated from GIA- legit i know haha and morgans parents moved back into the house and tt moved out :( that was the saddest day i have had in a long time! i was so bummed my bestest girl friend is not my sleep over buddy any more:( well we must move on to bigger and better things i suppose all good things must come to an end at some point. brett clausen returned home from his mission in argentina and my baby sister danielle is getting married to gregory irwin and i rescently found out i am pregnant! which is the best news ever!

morgan and i are so very excited and cant wait to experience this together. i have already noticed changes in us that have come rom knowing we are going to be caring for one of our Heavenly Father's special spirits. that responsibility may be huge and a little scary but it will bring the best and most amazing blessings that cant be gained any other way. :)

well im gonna try for some pics of random fun now of past events.. lata

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